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Providing hope for vulnerable moms who face selling, aborting, or abandoning their babies

In an article by Salt&Light, the story of one Pregnant Women in Crisis, whom our team at Generations—Home serves under our Family Strengthening Program, was featured. They wrote:

When Eufe Peñaflor found out she had conceived yet another baby from her work as a prostitute, she was at a loss. With three boys under 12 that she was already struggling to feed, the Filipino single mother, who had been plying her trade in Manila, did not know how she was going to raise one more child. But that would be a problem for later. The more pressing issue was how she was going to provide for her children now that she could no longer work because of her pregnancy. Having grown up in a broken and dysfunctional family, in which she had been sexually abused as a child, she knew that her family members would be of no help or support Even when she had pleaded for money to buy food for her children or send them to the hospital, her mother had coldly told her to solve her own problems.


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