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Our mission is to end the orphan crisis through families. We won’t stop until every vulnerable child has a safe and loving home through family restoration, adoption, or foster care.


Family is the Answer.

Institutional care provides basic needs such as food, shelter, and education, but every child deserves a safe, loving, and permanent family.

Impact generations.

Every life is valuable. Supporting one family has the power to break the cycle of abuse and trauma across generations.

End the orphan crisis.

In the Philippines, Pregnant Women in Crisis (PWIC) may abandon or traffic their children, while 1.8 million orphaned children may never have families. Everybody can respond.

Image by Milad Fakurian

Our journey started as ROHEI Foundation

Watch the story of how Jon and Chrina's personal grief ignited our purpose.

Jon and Chrina Henson established what was then named the "ROHEI Foundation," a reference to their former workplace, ROHEI Learning & Consulting. Although separate legal entities, the corporation provided crucial financial support, demonstrating its belief in our purpose and social responsibility.


Chrina, who turned her full attention to the foundation, formed a dedicated core team that currently leads our efforts for pregnant women in crisis, adoptive and foster families, and advocacy programs. Our cause gained momentum, enabling us to build strong partnerships with governments, businesses, and diverse organizations.

We'll end orphanhood as Generations—Home

Watch our short film based on true stories from our community.

By 2023, we solidified our vision and mission, leading to our new name and focused identity as "Generations—Home."

Today, we're a non-profit organization and licensed Child Placing Agency on a mission to end the orphan crisis.

Five years after being founded, we have 23,071 advocates joining our impact, 74 pregnant women  supported, 198 children protected from abandonment and trafficking, 1
,803 families who took their first step towards adoption and foster care, and 75 adopting or fostering through our agency.

Christina Cuna-Henson is involved in community initiatives that drive legislative change, including The Domestic Administrative Adoption and Alternative Child Care Act (RA 11642). Currently, she serves on the Board of Experts for Smart Parenting as their Adoption and Foster Care Expert. In 2022, Women Of The Future recognized her as Highly Commended in the field of media.

Jonathan Henson led brand and marketing at ROHEI, a Learning & Consulting firm based in Singapore. Currently, he's the Brand Strategist and Creative Director of Studio Impact, a branding, marketing, and creative production agency that aims to amplify the good work and impact of purpose-driven organizations..

Based in Manila, the couple oversees the work of Generations—Home and leads their community of adoptive and foster parents. They're parents to their three children: Chloe, who joined their family through adoption, Tony, and Madeline.

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Chrina Cuna-Henson

Co-founder & Executive Director


Jossell Malonzo


Adoption & Foster Care Services

Isa Tica website 2.jpg

Issa  De Guzman Tica

Assistant Social Worker

Adoption & Foster Care Services

ROHEITeam_210315_LarawanByAmihan_0001 (1).jpg

Esther Suson


Corporate Communications

Jon Henson 1 website.jpg

Jonathan Henson

Co-founder & President


Leticia Acupan website.jpg

Leticia Acupan

Social Worker

Adoption & Foster Care Services


Jhannah Capistrano


Orphan Prevention Services

photo_2023-06-06 12.01_edited.jpg

Daniel Wilt


Partnerships, USA

ROHEITeam_210315_LarawanByAmihan_0014 (1).jpg

Jasmine Buen


Advocacy & Partnerships

Alliah Escalona_edited_edited_edited_edi

Alliah Escalona

Social Worker

Adoption & Foster Care Services


Norma Romero


Orphan Prevention Services

Partner With Us

Studio Impact is a brand, marketing and creative agency that serves purpose-driven organizations — telling their stories so that their causes can be known and their good work can be amplified. 


Their profits go towards Generations—Home and other social impact causes. When you work with Studio Impact, you are not only investing in your own organization's success, but you are also contributing to causes for good and impacting generations.


Common Good exists to make acts of goodness known—in the shirt you wear, the bag you grab before heading out the door, the card you send your neighbor, and the story you tell your friends.


We advocate by harnessing the power of good design and good storytelling to create good and lasting impact for Filipino orphans, mothers, and families.


We believe that where goodness is common, change becomes real.

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