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Learning Globally: The Christian Alliance For Orphans (CAFO) Summit Conference 2023

The Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) Summit Conference was an unforgettable gathering of a growing movement. More specifically, it was a collaboration of individuals and organizations that are working towards solving the global orphan crisis.

Through the exchange of principles, sharing of best practices, mutual encouragement, and strategic partnerships, the attendees work collectively to pave the way for effective solutions all around the globe—mostly in North America, South America, and Africa.

CAFO 2023 Summit was held in Oklahoma City this year and a few of our team members at Generations–Home were able to attend. My wife, Macey, and I were especially grateful to attend because many of the individuals at this event were people we had been learning from through social media, podcasts, and publications. These were the voices that had shaped our perspectives, nudging us towards a deeper understanding of the complexities of the orphan crisis. With that, we knew that we would make some important connections and build partnerships that could help the work that is being done through Generations–Home.

We gained a deeper understanding of the importance of family reunification, family strengthening, and church empowerment in responding to orphanhood. We cannot wait to integrate the lessons we learned, tailoring them to the context and culture of the Philippines.

In preparation for the conference, I reached out to several leaders scheduled to attend the CAFO Summit Conference, hoping to carve out moments amidst their busy schedules for face-to-face discussions. To my surprise, nearly all of the individuals we contacted not only responded but also enthusiastically agreed to meet. In fact, Ashlee Heiligman and Robin Hogan from Global Child Advocates were just beginning to consult for an organization in the Philippines when we reached out to them! It is always a blessing when God is working behind the scenes without us even knowing.

In addition to connecting with Global Child Advocates, our interactions extended to several other organizations committed to supporting our initiatives in the Philippines. Collaborations with 1MILLIONHOME, Saddleback Church, and Both Hands have begun, as we strategize on maximizing our impact. Engaging with these kinds of organizations is a privilege, as we learn from their expertise and dedication to serving orphaned and vulnerable children. We remain open to the limitless possibilities that God might unfold through these partnerships, embracing the anticipation of what lies ahead.

Overall, CAFO 2023 Summit Conference brought many impactful interactions and meaningful lessons that I know will impact our work moving forward. Gratitude fills my heart for CAFO's commitment to fostering extensive collaboration, and I pray for blessings upon the collective efforts dedicated to bettering the lives of vulnerable children worldwide.

Daniel Wilt serves as the USA Partnerships Representative of Generations—Home. He and his wife Macey live in Bellefontaine, Ohio. They’re passionate about serving vulnerable children in the Philippines and plan to be full-time missionaries in the near future. For now, they already fuel the mission to end the orphan crisis by building partnerships in the United States.


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