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Addressing the Orphan Crisis | ROHEI Foundation on CNN Philippines

In case you missed it, ROHEI Foundation was invited by CNN Philippines to speak about the orphan crisis in the Philippines.


The Orphan Crisis

As we shared in the video, statistics from Philippines Without Orphans show that there are anywhere between 5 to 7 million orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children in our nation.

This number is overwhelming. When we realize that there are roughly 38.3 million children in our nation as of 2021, the number becomes even more mind-blowing: 1 out of every 6 children in our nation is orphaned, abandoned, or neglected.

And yet, there are only around 237 children adopted every year. The challenge is not only a lack of children available for adoption, but more than that, the need for families who will bring them home. Over the last 12 years, 5,180 children have been made legally available for adoption, but are still waiting for a family. Or, worse, they have turned 18 years old and aged out of the system without ever knowing how it feels to be part of a loving family.

The problem is real, and it is not likely to get better. To make a long-term difference, we need to open our hearts and homes to these children.

As our partners and advocates, help us get the word out to everyone in our networks: family is the answer to this orphan crisis.


What can you do?

Share this interview

We are deeply grateful to CNN Philippines for giving us an opportunity to share this advocacy with a larger audience. Let’s reach as many as we can together.

Encourage interested families to sign up for an adoption consultation

We don’t want confusion or lack of knowledge to be the reason for families not to adopt. If you know anyone who is interested, we would love to have a consultation with them.

Create awareness about our Tulong Kay Nanay (assistance for mothers) program

Some of the mothers in desperate situations whom we have helped found our page while exploring potentially harmful options on social media. The more we reach, the more we can help lessen the number of orphaned and abandoned children in our nation. Visit and follow Tulong Kay Nanay on Facebook.

Partner with us

There are many ways to do this: through advocating with us, through gifts, or even through mutually beneficial partnerships. Visit our connect page to send us a message!


The crisis is large, but we have an opportunity to solve it together. Our hope is that these will not just be numbers to you, but that these numbers will show you that this is a reality we need to address.

Let’s fight the orphan crisis together!


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