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Preserving Families

We preserve families by helping vulnerable pregnant mothers make the best decisions for their children. Generations—Home’s Tulong kay Nanay (Help for Mothers) Facebook page educates pregnant women about the realities of abandonment, abortion, and trafficking. We empower these mothers to make well-informed decisions in the best interests of the child, and to provide them with physical, medical, and emotional support throughout their pregnancy and delivery.

Building Families

Start your journey! Our Pre-Adoption and Foster Care Forum is a briefing for all future adoptive parents and foster parents. It covers the processes in the Philippines and includes a Q&A portion. Attendees may request a Certificate of Attendance, a required document to pursue adoption and foster care. The process of how to avail of the certificate will be shared during the Forum. Click the link to know the certificate fees, and to sign up for the date and time that works best for you:

Strengthening Families

Building a family can have its challenges, and parents need a helping hand too.

How do you gently navigate your child’s complex past? Can you bring up adoption in open, safe spaces with your curious family members, friends, and communities?

Our Stronger Generations events are a series of equipping sessions to answer these questions, and more! These events are for current and future adoptive and foster parents. So far we have featured these talks:

  • Nothing is Beyond Repair: Trauma-Informed Care

  • It Doesn’t Have to be Awkward: Talking About Adoption and Foster Care

We also have question-and-answer portions with both experts in the field and members of our adoptive and foster communities. They share their insights, experiences, and unique stories in safe spaces for families to learn together. 

In the future, we look forward to extending the topics that will further equip families and generations. Let us know what topics you would like us to cover by clicking below!

Restoring Families

To reunite a child with their biological family is the first resort of any child-caring institution or relevant government agency. Children thrive in family and, whenever possible, they should grow up with their biological families.Institutional care and foster care and adoption are the very last resorts for children separated from their families.

An empowered and strengthened family is a healthy place for a child. When families are reunited, we lessen the sense of rejection and abandonment that a child may experience from the initial separation.

How can we help? We can help children bridge the gap before reunification or adoption by opening our hearts and homes to them through foster care.

Start your adoption and
foster care journey!

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