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This Is What Adoption and Foster Care Should Look Like In The Philippines: A Look At Iloilo City

We shared our mission to end the orphan crisis in Iloilo City last July. This journey has been years in the making, beginning when our friends at Philippines Without Orphans introduced us to NoMoreOrphans.PH back in the midst of the lockdown era in 2020. Their mission deeply inspired us—their dedication to serving the Iloilo City community, including parents, children, and the local government.

We eventually had the privilege to invite the founder of NoMoreOrphans.PH, Pastor Mark Cabag, to guest in our Father’s Day advocacy campaign. Afterwards, we stayed connected to end the orphan crisis, even if it were from a distance. Our shared prayer was to one day connect with the strong community of advocates in Iloilo and equip more families to respond to the orphan crisis there.

Listen to Pastor Mark Cabag's adoption journey and story as an advocate in our podcast

Last July, those plans finally took place! During our visit, we had the joy of meeting families and experts from the local adoption and foster care community. Their dedication to taking care of vulnerable children in their community moved us, giving us bigger dreams of how the whole Philippines can come together to support vulnerable children the way they do.

Our lunch meeting with NoMoreOrphans.PH and official meeting with the National Authority for Child Care Regional Office

Our journey kicked off with an official meeting with the Regional Office of the National Authority for Child Care, facilitated by OIC-RACC Officer Janice J. Brasileño. Exciting plans are up ahead with the government and our partners from NoMoreOrphan.PH, led by Pastor Mark and Yen Cabag. Stay tuned for what we have ahead!

Photos of Family is the Answer by volunteers from Victory Church Iloilo

On top of that, we hosted two events for families in Iloilo City. Our Family Is The Answer event at Victory Iloilo had 58 attendees who were eager to learn about how they can volunteer, partner, and advocate to end the orphan crisis. Those present, including international missionaries, were all ears, excited to carry our message to their own communities.

Continuing our efforts, we also held Stronger Generations for caregivers. It was an emotional experience for around 30 adoptive and foster parents who attended, especially as many of them shared it was the first time they came across such helpful resources about caring for children who have been adopted or fostered. What struck a chord with our team was how dedicated the attendees were, with some families even needing to drive up to 2 hours just to attend the event.

Conversations got deep as families opened up about past experiences with their children, realizing that many of their "difficult behaviors" such as tantrums, emotional disturbances, and complicated attitudes, were rooted in the children's search for connection and safety.

Stronger Generations sessions and connecting with adoptive and foster parents who attended

Several families shared how they willingly sacrificed their time and resources because they understood the value of adopting and fostering children into their families. One family even recounted moving into a new home with more budget-friendly rent to have more resources for raising another child. Despite facing the challenges of limited expert advice and finances, what they valued was for a child to experience safety, care, and love within their home, as opposed to within an institution.

After learning trauma-informed care through Stronger Generations, there was a collective feeling of newfound confidence in the room, inspiring everyone to continue the fulfilling journey of parenting—now as a stronger community.

Photos of families by volunteers from Victory Church Iloilo

The families we connected with in Iloilo City energized us to continue advocating for family preservation, adoption, and foster care. We're incredibly thankful to the organizations and individuals who stepped up to sponsor many of our needs, including food, venues, and the dedication of passionate volunteers.

Our team is ready and geared up to collaborate with more families, churches, businesses, and government offices in REGION VI! If you're interested fighting for families alongside us in Iloilo City or anywhere across the Philippines, don't hesitate to send a message to We're excited to carry this mission with you!


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