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Impacting Generations with PLDT-Smart Foundation

Tulong Kay Nanay is our orphan prevention program that rescues vulnerable children and empowers pregnant women in crisis (PWICs). By providing mothers with counseling, medical support, and basic needs, our hope is that they are given the support to make the best decision for themselves and their children—whether it be keeping their child, surrendering her child for adoption, foster care, or other forms of alternative care.

Our most recent operation was a region-wide delivery of donations last June 6 for our mothers who live in Metro Manila, accomplished in collaboration with PLDT-Smart Group.

“This advocacy is close to our hearts, stemming from our gratitude for our mothers. We thank all the nanays here with us today for showing up not just today, but every day for your children. We at PLDT-Smart Foundation will help you in this journey in the best way we can.” - Esther O. Santos, President of PLDT-Smart Foundation

The PLDT-Smart Foundation (PSF)—the telecommunications group’s official outreach foundation—fueled our mission by generously providing 35 sacks of 25-kilogram rice. The sacks were locally sourced, as part of the group’s policy to support Filipino farmers.

All sacks were distributed to pregnant women and mothers and our partner organizations, Grace to Be Born and Adonai Home. Together with other commodities given by the employees of the PLDT Group such as clothes, toys, and hygienic products, the donations were successfully delivered in an operation that spanned NCR and parts of Rizal.

Beyond its direct coordination with Tulong Kay Nanay, the PLDT-Smart Foundation is also supporting moms in starting sustainable small businesses. The Foundation currently backs many smaller nanay-operated agricultural enterprises and provides “starter packs” that are also locally sourced as a means to help them grow.

Mothers who received support expressed their sincerest gratitude towards both Generations—Home and the PLDT-Smart Foundation. One said, “This support has been such a big help to me and my husband. We do not have much, but we are really thankful for the food and the things we can use for our baby.”

Since 2018, Generations—Home has supported 75 pregnant mothers across NCR, protected 198 children, saw a 91% success rate for family preservation, and a 100% success rate for child rescue from human trafficking and abandonment. The fight to end orphanhood will always be our goal, and our impact is made even more significant thanks to the coordination of partners like the PLDT-Smart Foundation fighting alongside us.

We started that program to address one facet of the orphan crisis: Child abandonment. We want to address the issue at the root and help mothers and their children stay together. Our main goal is to alleviate the crisis of PWICs and allow them to have more opportunities. - Norma Romero, Manager of Orphan Prevention Services of Generations—Home

Generations—Home is always excited to work in tandem with more people and organizations toward a world where everyone has a family to love. Every little and small step counts. Connect with us directly through our Director of Partnerships and Advocacy, Jasmine Buen through

We look forward to carrying out each step with you!


Marius Atinaja is a 3rd Year Bachelor of Fine Arts Creative Writing at the Ateneo de Manila University currently taking up his internship at Generations—Home.


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