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Ending the orphan crisis
through families.

(Previously ROHEI Foundation)

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Millions of children are trapped.

In the Philippines, 6 million children are orphaned, abandoned, or neglected. They are vulnerable and caught in a generational cycle. While there are many interventions that provide them with shelter, healthcare, and education, what each child truly needs is family.


At Generations—Home, we believe that family is the permanent and sustainable solution to ending the orphan crisis.


Stronger families, fewer orphans.

We take a multi-dimensional approach to ending the orphan crisis in the Philippines. We preserve families with our Pregnant Women in Crisis Program. As a licensed Child Placing Agency (CPA), we also empower families in their adoption and foster care journeys—equipping, guiding, and supporting them. Our four-pronged approach addresses both prevention and the mitigation of the orphan crisis through families.

Even a small act can
make generational

"Do for one what you wish

you could do for many."


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