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Fight for justice.
Respond in worship.


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Prayer Points


Prayer for orphaned & vulnerable children

  • For children on the streets to be rescued from abuse, hunger, and neglect

  • For children in institutions to feel our Heavenly Father’s love and safety while they wait to experience an earthly family’s love and safety

  • For social workers and caregivers to be channels of healing and hope

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Prayer for pregnant women in crisis

  • For mothers to understand the full danger of abandonment and human trafficking to themselves and their children

  • For struggling mothers to have safety and provision

  • For strength and grace for every mother to make the best decisions for herself and her child

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Prayer for adoptive & foster families

  • For more families to say yes to adoption and foster care 

  • For grace, speed, and timeliness for the families in the adoption process

  • For our homes to be safe places of healing and hope for the vulnerable

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