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Our Adoption Journey in the Pandemic

A look back

Over year ago, we submitted documents to DSWD, marking the beginning of the bigger steps we took in our adoption journey.

Right after we submitted in March 2020, the lockdown happened. In the weeks that followed, we didn’t hear from the social worker we were in touch with. We also did not follow up because everything was so chaotic and uncertain – plus we knew DSWD was busy with the SAP distributions.

As a family, we prayed and discussed if we were still going to push through, considering Brandz lost his job, and I lost some clients too. Financially, we felt like we weren’t prepared. But we decided that God had already started this for us, and He will see us through no matter what.

The Clasara family meeting and talking to the Generations—Home Team during Family Is The Answer: The Next Step back in 2019.

We followed up with the social worker only around June to July, and at first, there was no response. Sometime in September, our social worker messaged us saying we were next scheduled for matching, and we should wait. (However, we found out later on that they purposely delayed our process; they were apprehensive about parents with biological kids since they’ve had experiences of those parents giving their adoptive kids back.)

Within September, we received a call that would change our lives forever. We’ve been matched! We were told that we were going to have a little boy. We also received his complete profile, and the thought of meeting him in person filled us with more excitement.

A couple of days after getting matched, we learned that it was his second birthday. Showing our kids Ily and Aman their new brother became a moment to cherish even more. We wished we could’ve sung happy birthday or eaten cake with him, but the celebrations had to wait.

The days counting down to our son’s homecoming were filled with busy days, COVID-19 swab tests, his new bed, clothes and diapers, and most especially the book of letters I planned to make for him. I did this for Ily and Aman, too; I started to write to them when they turned one. With David, I had a whole year of catching up. Even if I missed his first year, I know his book will be filled with new and wonderful stories of his new life ahead.

The most awaited day came on October 10. What we thought was just a quick drive-by pickup of our son turned out to be an entire Entrustment Ceremony. We met every single person that cared for our son: from the loving people in the hospital where he was dropped off, to the wonderful women of the children’s home that never stopped pouring their love and care for him.

Getting to know all the stories from everyone who cared for him since he was born affirms to us the name that was for him. He is beloved. He is our son, David.

Glimpses ahead

We’ve lost so much in the past year – jobs, clients, social connections, a tiny bit of our freedom, but I look back to things like this and it gives me hope. It makes me think, what will next years bring? And I’m grateful.

Today, with David in our home, we have finalized everything and filed a petition for adoption in court! Like God has promised, He is seeing this whole process to its completion. As we continue to obey and trust Him in this new step, we’re all well on our way home.


Words: Trix Clasara and Aya Licsi

Direction and editing: Tristan Ortega

Video: Andrew Bernardo

Photo: Aimee Payongayong of Larawan By Amihan


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